Tintoretto Color Changer 4X36W




4 x 36W  fluorescent fixtures set improved trends for multiple functionalities like: color design, color changing, mixing or cross fading between daylight and tungsten balanced colour temperature lighting, blue or green backlit chromakeys.


The advantage of using TINTORETTO as a CHROMAKEY Blue or Green System, not only is based on the extremly contained power consumption and practically almost negligible Heat dissipation, but it is the ability to change the Chroma from Blue to Green by simply playing back to lighting cues.


4 x T8 fluorescent 36W

Typical lamps configurations are:

  • Red, Blue, Green & Whyte: color mixing & either Blue or Green CHROMAKEY o 2 Green and 2 Blue Lamps for CHROMAKEY
  • 2 x 3.200°K and 2 x 5.600°K Lamps for cross fading between Tungsten and Daylight Color temperature for ARCHITECTURAL APPLICATIONS or LIGHTING in production facilities with WINDOWS.

500.0 €
(χωρίς ΦΠΑ)